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We produce our cider using fermented juice. No secrets!
We carefully monitor the quality at all the 5 sprocess steps to sell really awesome cider.
For you to feel that happiness is easy.

The first step


From July till October we receive harvested apples at our plant from our own gardens in Zolotonosha and from local private farms.

The second step

Juice expressing

After washing and sorting the apples go under the press where the juice is expressed.

The third step

Fermentation and filtration

The alcohol is fermented in a natural way without spirit from sugars contained in the apple juice. Then we separate and clarify juice by filtering.

The fourth step


To get the final taste of cider we add sugar, herbal infusions, fruits and other juices to the fermented and filtered juice.

The fifth step


When the cider is ready we bottle it on a special manufacturing line in glass bottles of 0.33 and 0.7 liters and to plastic and metal kegs of 30 and 50 liters. After that, we send it to the shops and pubs!