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About the Company

Herbert Hauswirth

The Founder

In my life I was responsible for the launch of, I guess, five dozens of plants and wine-producing lines, soft drinks and juice.

For 30 years of my work devoted to the food technologies and quality standards, I have got a lot of friends, experts and people who are committed to their job.

And still after the long-term work in the worldwide companies such as Pepsi-Cola International, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Doehler Group, I have decided to live out an old dream of my family – to develop a business that does not need to temporize in the questions of quality, where people work like one big family.

I wanted to create a business where everyone is naturally responsible for each other and for the quality of a product made. This responsibility should be based on a possibility to work in a group of people with warm relationship, to produce a natural product of the same high quality year by year and in the volumes provided by the nature.

Together with my friends, colleagues and experts we have researched the apples in the European countries and came to the conclusion that the apples from the central part of Ukraine thanks to the natural climatic environment give the best fit to the production of cider – light and tasty alcohol drink which makes you feel happier and saves your mind clear.

That is why in 2000 we decided to locate our plant in Ukraine. That is the story of foundation of Royal Fruit Garden company which was the first in modern Ukraine to restart the production of natural ciders by traditional European technology with the support of experts from Austria and Germany and thanks to enthusiasts from Ukraine.

I invite you to join the fans of high-quality cider and to evaluate the dream that has come true — Cidre Royal.

Warmest regards,
Herbert Hauswirth, the Founder.

«Royal Fruit Garden»

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Official distributor "Axint Beverage" S.R.L.

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