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Cider festival in Frankfurt

German beer festivals, won a worldwide fame. Few know, Germany - it is also the birthplace of cider festivals. This drink is very popular in Germany, Spain and France. However, Germans revere cider so much, that every year in early autumn, streets of Frankfurt festively dressed and people hold filled with porcelain jugs in hands - which are called "Bembel".

Brand "Cidre Royal" could not pass up such event, and offers a plunge into the atmosphere of one of the biggest cider festivals in Europe. Unlike similar beer festivals, here you never seen drunk people. Although cider flows like water, all have good mood and open to dialogue.

In the festively decorated streets of the city, outlets of cider, restaurants and pubs offer a festive menu and of course - the widest range of ciders to every taste.

For example, the most popular varieties of cider at the festival:

  • Susser - is a pressed apple juice, does not contain alcohol. Teetotalers and children are often mixed with mineral water, soda water and get a refreshing cocktail Apfelschorle.
  • Rauscher - light apple cider, wandering in barrels for a few months. It is sweet with a low alcohol content.
  • Heller - cider longer exposure and is primarily intended for the Christmas holidays. You can drink it here at the festival or Christmas.
  • Alter - hard cider, delayed a year

What a festival without traditions

At the Frankfurt Festival, there is a whole culture of drinking cider. It is usually drink from ribbed glasses, and bring to table, only in special blue or gray jugs.

The True judge of this beverage, never mix alcohol cider with soda or lemonade or any other liquids.

During the days of cider, residents and visitors traditionally visit "cider pubs". It has usually divided the general tables with strangers. However, thanks to the large selection of ciders, all sorts of language and cultural barriers quickly erased, and the people around the table, become friends. Usually snack for cider simple and uncomplicated food. With cider eating cheese fondue, sauerkraut, potatoes, bacon and herbs.

At the festival, there is also extensive cultural program. These folkloric performances of musical groups and dance competitions. However, most importantly - it's introduction to the cultural drinking of cider and simple human communication.