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Autumn drive from Cidre Royal

The arrival of autumn - a time of change, transition, filled with scents of ripe fruit. Cidre Royal since the beginning of the autumn took part in three events designed to overcome the autumn blues and popularize the culture of drinking this wonderful drink.

Travel Fest

First, the account became Travel Fest, the essence of which is to promote travel. Conducts master classes from experienced travelers to visit many countries. There were tips on how to survive in the jungle or a few months to live in Alaska, how to make a trip with only 10 dollars in pocket.

Every guest of Travel Fest had the opportunity to touch the culture of each country or region of the planet. As well, get acquainted with the culinary peculiarities of each of them. If Italy - the pizza, Germany - sausages, and France - baguettes and cheese.

Cidre Royal appropriate in conjunction with the Italian pizza and German sausages on a number of French baguette. Even with exotic Indian cuisine Cidre Royal as appropriate. Therefore, our message for the guests and participants was that in any country, you could enjoy the familiar taste of cider, combining it with the features of the local cuisine.


The largest art festival, which brings together young creators, intellectual and artistic elite. They show their creative achievements, but many viewers casting their preferences.

Where is the cider the question may arise? If you spending power on the perception of contemporary art, very handy to a drink a glass of cider Cidre Royal. With good mood and frame of mind to continue to take part in this festival.

Street food festival

Street food festival – event that could not get past the brand Cidre Royal. Because street food is an inherent part of our lives, so cider fits perfectly into the philosophy of eating on the go. In contrast to competitors such as beer or soda, allows you to monitor the health and maintain clarity of thought in all circumstances.

At the event, we are did not only offered range of cider, but also was a quiz. Participants had the opportunity to not only listen lecture about our company, delve into the history of the origin of cider, but also actively participate in quizzes, and a charge of good mood.

Brand Cidre Royal keeps abreast of modern life in the society. We constantly monitor and participate in different activities and popularizing the culture of drinking cider. Follow the schedule of events and look for us there!